When it comes to the New Smyrna Beach lodging scene, the most discriminating travelers stay at the Black Dolphin Inn. Tucked away in a quiet New Smyrna Beach neighborhood just minutes from the beach, this historic inn has a connection to the outdoors-where you can feel breezes blowing and look at seemingly endless water views. 


Question & Answer With Your Host

Following are excerpts from local publications and trade media about the operation and ownership of the Black Dolphin Inn. Identical twins, Scott and Brett Smith–have reunited after 40 years to share their management philosophy and vision since last working as Co-General Managers of the Lakeview Hotel in Spring Lake, New Jersey in 1969. Their “double” vision for Black Dolphin Inn remains the same–“It's always about taking care of our guests.”

Why a boutique style "B&B" inn in New Smyrna Beach?
We were fortunate enough to purchase a single home on S Riverside Drive in the fall of 2009 – within the New Smyrna Beach Historical Overlay District. At that time real estate prices were in decline and the property met our investment thesis for long-term capital growth. We were attracted to the location because it represented a high barrier to entry, an idyllic waterfront location (including dockage) with unparalleled views of the Indian River, and we were intrigued by the “sense of community” offered by the property's location within a high-end residential setting.

What differentiates boutique inns from others?
Boutique Inns are the latest trend in hospitality construction. They feature a unique vacation product that is often furnished in a themed, stylish or aspirational manner and offer a level of personal guest service – often unmatched by other lodging alternatives. Boutique Inns also represent an excellent value proposition as many of their services and amenities are included in the room rate. 

What kind of hospitality experience do you bring to the table?
My twin brother Scott and I have spent virtually our entire lives, in one capacity or another – in hospitality management. You could say it's part of our DNA as we were literally born into the business. My parents bought their first hotel in 1952 and it's been in our family for over 60 years. My brother Scott went the family route and has been the Owner/General Manager of the Chateau Inn & Suites for over 30 years. This boutique style Inn features 36 guest rooms and has been recognized as one of the premier small lodging properties on the Eastern Seaboard.

I went in a more independent direction and had the good fortune of having an almost 35 year career as a hospitality executive having been affiliated with Amelia Island Plantation, the Boca Raton Hotel and Club, South Seas Resort Company for a 20 year span, and the TradeWinds Resort in St. Pete – to name a few. Scott and I last worked together as co-general managers in 1969, running the Lakeview Hotel - a 44 unit property in Spring Lake, NJ. Our recent collaboration with the Black Dolphin Inn allowed us to combine our development, interior design, and operational skill sets to create a high-end vacation lodging product on the shores of the Indian River.

How do you compete in a difficult economy?
While it is clear that consumers have modified their purchasing behavior because of the lingering fiscal cliff, uncertain political landscape, and hard landing in the real estate market, - people still spend discretionary income on vacations , but now more than ever - they want value. What constitutes good value (it's not just a lower price) – but rather it's the positive difference between what the guest actually receives versus their expectation when viewed in relationship to the market alternatives. In other words, it is the concept of offering much more than ever imagined – with absolutely no compromise in quality. We understand this, and we will stay focused on our singular goal which is the continuous enhancement of guest value.

What are today’s guests looking for?
I believe that the the new generation of travelers are more sophisticated and focus on lodging properties that offer a splash of intimacy, intrigue and architectural originality – complimented by a host of life-style driven options. These can range from eco-tourism, educational, extreme sports, culinary, cultural, and the arts - all of which focus on what we can do as hoteliers to make the lives of our guests better and more fulfilling.

It is critically important that we know our customer which is easy to say – but difficult to do! I believe that this is a real paradigm shift from the traditional customer model and we intend to embrace it in order to successfully compete in an evolving and dynamic market place.

What was the most difficult part of the renovations?
Without question, it was delivering an outstanding vacation product that would combine the rich heritage and history of the property – with a sense of modern design that accentuates the coastal vibe that we wanted to create. My identical twin brother, Scott, was the visionary for the property and was able to develop an amazing adaptive re-use plan -with stylistic and “re-souled” architecture that compliments the original design of this 1947 building. No two rooms are the same and most of our 14 guest rooms and suites provide direct and or angled views of the Indian River – most with balconies and some with multiple exposures.

From a construction perspective, this entailed building around century old oaks (one unit actually has a large oak tree growing through an open-air balcony), creating a multi-tiered roof line that was both functional and unique, and the layering in of the various floors which had the effect of creating very private and intimate common areas, - with limited points of ingress and egress to ensure the safety and comfort of our guests. 

How would you describe the rooms?
Aside from each guest accommodation being very spacious with spa-inspired bathrooms – the guest rooms are light, airy, uncluttered, and fitted with a sophisticated interior and stylish furnishings that range from New York mid-century modernism (like a Madmen movie set), Hollywood regency (Palm Springs style – Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin), and Spanish architecture (Palm Beach -Addison Mizner style). The feel is more akin to an impeccably designed residential oasis – without the trappings of a commercial hotel product.

What are your plans for dining?
We plan to offer our signature continental breakfast during the weekdays and a full "Southern style” breakfast on the weekends. This effort will be augmented by complimentary beverages, cookies, and other daily delights throughout the day.  On select evenings, we invite our guests to join us for a wine tasting, cheese sampling, or a local cuisine specialty as a special surprise to our guests.  Also, we will do some catering functions for small groups, executive meetings, weddings, and special occasion type of business.

What services are unique to the Inn?
To separate ourselves from the competition, we have to focus on the development of novel and creative approaches, both from a guest service and amenity basis – that plays into an aspirational theme that centers on our belief that the hospitality business is more about theater, entertainment, and the enrichment of our guest experience rather than providing a clean room and comfortable bed. It almost analogous to a good movie, a Broadway show, or a great piece of art – we want to “move” or “touch” our guests in a way that causes them to return and to refer our B&B to their friends and associates. Instead of outlining some of these initiatives, I would rather surprise our guests by offering them the opportunity to visit us and experience first-hand our unique style of hospitality.

What will be your “success formula”?
We want our customers to feel more like “house” guests rather than “paying” guests. This level of personalized service can not be replicated in a vast majority of large scale operations because of costs constraints, ratio of employees to guests, and logistical issues. When you think about it, the formula for success is quite simple. - offer guests only what they want (not what you want to provide) at a competitive price, and deliver the service in a consistently superior manner. The guest drives the business and keeps it in existence. The guest determines what our business is because of their willingness to pay for services and converts economic resources into wealth. It's always about the guest, guest, guest!

Why are boutique inns becoming so popular?
Our inn is a reflection of a growing trend in the hospitality business – one that favors inclusiveness to exclusiveness. The idea is to combine the service of a 4-5 star property with the practicality of a mid-tiered priced vacation product. Luxury is not based on what you pay for something – it's truly about the experience. There's a relevant paradigm shift in this country – people want to be more modest even if they have the money.

Why the Black Dolphin Inn name?
Interestingly enough, the selection of the name for our inn was a very challenging and difficult market driven decision. Our goal was to find a name that would be memorable, relevant, somewhat edgy- but not too hip, easy to say (rolls off the tongue), is brandable, and graphically diversified across different advertising mediums.

The Black Dolphin Inn name not only met this criteria - but it is emblematic of the mystery, intrigue, and fascination that people have with dolphins in their native habitat. Early explorers believed that when they saw dolphins, luck was on their side and they would often follow dolphins – feeling that they were leading them in the right direction.

Legend has it that when Ponce de Leon arrived on our shores – that he was guided by a small pod of black dolphins through the treacherous waters. The presence of many dolphins in close proximity to our Inn, combined with our interest in protecting our local fishery and natural habitat – contributed to selecting the Black Dolphin Inn name.

Your kitchen is integrated into the lobby–why?
From a functionality perspective, the construction of an open kitchen in our lobby allowed us to maximize our space, it enhanced daylight flowing into this common space, and it creates a far more visual interest than a partition or a wall. On a fundamental basis, we believe that the kitchen is where we connect as a family – and having an open kitchen encourages that connection with our guests. In an inn operation, we strive to treat our guests as an extension of our own family and the construction of a kitchen, with a hospitality bar – allows us to interact as a host and provides an excellent platform in which to strengthen our relationship with our guests.

You mentioned community several times–why?
As veteran hoteliers, we relate to and interact with 3 main constituencies – guests, employees, and the community in which our business is located. We must place the guest at the center of our business model as it is of paramount importance that we meet and exceed their expectations.

What ultimately turns four walls and a bed into a word class lodging product is service. The service of course comes from our employees – the 2nd of our 3 constituencies. A crucial element of this is proper training and providing our staff members with the tools and resources to excel in the performance of their jobs.

The third component is our interdependence with the community in which we operate our business. We must remember that our B&B is more than just a place to sleep or eat. We are truly a permanent fixture in the community and as such – we have a responsibility to be aware or cognizant of the needs, issues, and concerns of the people who live and work there.



The Local Scene

One of the oldest cities in Florida, New Smyrna Beach was founded in 1768 and established the colony of New Smyrna which was led by Dr. Andrew Turnbull - a wealthy physician from Scotland and a man of great energy and ambition.  The colony occupies a notable place in history by being the single largest attempt by a member of the British Crown at colonization in the New World.

Dr.Turnbull transported approximately 1255 settlers mostly from the island of Minorca in the Mediterranean - to grow hemp, sugarcane, and indigo and to produce rum. The colony suffered major losses due to insect borne diseases and Native American raids and tensions grew deep due to the mistreatment of the colonist by Dr Turnbull.

Due to these complications, the remaining colonists marched north in 1777 to St Augustine, along the Old King's Highway, to claim mistreatment by Turnbull to the Governor of Florida- which was then a British protectorate. Soon after, St Augustine was returned to the Spanish and Dr Turnbull abandoned his colony for life in Charleston, South Carolina.

The Spanish reclaimed East Florida from the British in 1784 – but encountered some difficulty in securing control over the unpopulated land. The United States acquired the colony from Spain in 1819 and established the territory of Florida in 1821. During the ensuing decades, New Smyrna hosted several large plantations that focused on the production of sugar. During the first year of the Second Seminole War (1835-1842) many of the plantations were destroyed by Indian raiding parties.

During the Civil War, resettlement began in earnest and the arrival of Henry Flagler's East Coast Railroad in 1892 spurred development of the area's economy – which was based on tourism, citrus, and the commercial fishing industries. Like many Florida communities, New Smyrna experienced a period of intense speculative development during the Florida land boom of the mid-1920's.

After the land development bubble burst, the State of Florida fell into a protracted economic depression and did not recover to its boom time levels until after World War II. Today, there are about 800 buildings that remain from this historic period – with Bungalow, Colonial Revival, and Mediterranean Revival being the most prevalent architectural styles. Many of these homes can be seen in several of the historic districts on the New Smyrna Beach mainland.


The Inn

Black Dolphin Awards & Accolades

A quaint Old Florida beach town is the setting for this elegant Spanish-Isle boutique inn overlooking the Indian River in New Smyrna Beach on Florida’s east-central Atlantic Coast. Opened in 2013, the 14-room inn gets its name from the plentiful dolphin, which gracefully patrol the waters off its dock. Accommodations include beautifully appointed guest rooms and suites with balconies and outdoor terraces, elegant Euro-style bedding, and spa–inspired bathrooms with jetted tubs. Furnishings vary in each room with original artwork and antiques tastefully integrated with modern sensibilities and décor. Eight of the suites and guest rooms are equipped with wet bars.

The owners, identical twin brothers Brett & Scott Smith, are third generation hoteliers who fell in love with this former riverfront estate three years ago and set to work on a vision for its renovation. Guests share the modern and expansive Great Room on the first floor level which includes a lobby lounge bar, open air exhibition kitchen, sitting area and breakfast room. 

You are within walking distance of restaurants and shops in New Smyrna Beach’s historic downtown and a short distance from the seaside community’s sprawling beaches, surf shops, and Flagler Avenue's beach-side galleries and eateries. Overnight dockage is available for guests with boats, and fishing opportunities are abundant in the backwaters and bays of the Indian River Lagoon and nearby Canaveral National Seashore Park. Or just sit on the dock, sip a glass of wine, and watch the dolphins swim by.

Our award-winning boutique inn presents the following industry standards that have recognized the Black Dolphin Inn:

2019 Property Specific Awards and Accolades

AAA - Four Diamond Award

TripAdvisor - Hall of Fame Award

Select Registry - Distinguished Inns of North America Member

Best Products - Best Inn in Florida Award

Donnadine Miller Memorial Historic Preservation Award

2018 Property Specific Awards and Accolades

Trivago Awards 2018 - #2 in the United States Alternative Accommodation category

AAA - Four Diamond Award

Bedandbreakfast.com Best B&B Breakfast Tournament – Top 10 Finalist in the US

Select Registry - Distinguished Inns of North America Member

TripAdvisor – Certificate of Excellence

2017 Property Specific Awards and Accolades

Trivago Awards 2017 - #2 in the United States Alternative Accommodation category

AAA - Four Diamond Award

BedandBreakfast.com - Diamond Collection Member

Select Registry - Distinguished Inns of North America Member

TripAdvisor – Certificate of Excellence

Four Magazine – #1 Ranked Boutique Inn In Florida

2016 Property Specific Awards and Accolades

AAA - Four Diamond Award

BedandBreakfast.com - Diamond Collection Member

Select Registry - Distinguished Inns of North America Member

HotelsCombined Recognition of Excellence

TripAdvisor – Certificate of Excellence

2015 Property Specific Awards and Accolades

AAA - Four Diamond Award

BedandBreakfast.com - Diamond Collection Member

Select Registry - Distinguished Inns of North America Member

TripAdvisor - Certificate of Excellence

TripAdvisor Green Leaders - Silver Level Designation

Florida Green Lodging Membership Program - 3 Palm Designation

Superior Small Lodging Association - White Glove Award

Daytona News Journal - Best B&B in SW Volusia County

2014 Property Specific Awards and Accolades

AAA Four Diamond Award

TripAdvisor Travelers' Choice Award - Ranked #9 in the U.S.

Select Registry - Distinguished Inns of North America

BedandBreakfast.com Diamond Collection - Top 10 B&B's Worldwide

iLoveInns.com - Top 10 Romantic Inns

Fodor's Choice Award - Florida Northeast Coast

2013 Property Specific Awards and Accolades

BedandBreakfast.com - Top Ten Beach B&B's - Worldwide 

The Guardian -  Top Ten B&Bs and Guesthouses in Florida

Superior Small Lodging Association - White Gloves Award


Press Releases:

Family Tried and Tested: New Smyrna Beach, Florida: “A perfect fusion of vintage chic and modern décor, its coastal shades, Florida-themed artwork, elegant furniture and subtle lighting, made us feel wonderfully pampered yet also perfectly at home.”

The Best Inns in Every State for a Charming Trip: “Just south of Daytona is the hip little surfing enclave of New Smyrna Beach, boasting miles of unspoiled beaches. The top place to stay is the Black Dolphin Inn.”

Black Dolphin Inn Voted #2 US Alternative Accommodation in Trivago Awards 2018: Once again, Black Dolphin Inn has placed #2 in the United States Alternative Accommodation category of the Trivago Awards 2018!

Social Media Star Chef Draws Spotlight to New Smyrna Inn
“All the rooms are high-end and fabulous,” -  “It’s the combination of a great destination and really being able to give guests the best experience, and I know they work hard to do that.” - Patricia Detwiler, director of Florida Bed & Breakfast Inns

If You've Never Stayed at a Bed & Breakfast, Here's What You're Missing Out On"The Huffington Post included the Black Dolphin Inn in their Top 11 Reasons to stay in a B&B. #4 "They are a great place to pull off a 'staycation' in your own town."

Top Ten Beach Bed & Breakfasts:  ABC News designated the Black Dolphin Inn as one of the Top Ten Beach Bed & Breakfasts in the country. "If you think mega resorts are the best places to stay on a beach vacation, these beachfront B and Bs might make you think again."

The Top Ten Beach B&B's in Florida
 The Black Dolphin Inn is listed in the Top Ten Beach B&B's in Florida, by The Guardian. "From historic guesthouses with old Florida charm to luxurious inns and comfy lakeside cabins, the Sunshine State has a host of interesting places to stay."

Black Dolphin Inn: Not just a fishing lodge:  "The 14-room inn is appropriately named for the pods of dolphin that gracefully cruise the broad and scenic river off the end of lodging's dock in search of food that flows form the rich fish nurseries of the Indian River Lagoon."

Brothers turn Historic Home into a Bed and Breakfast Inn: "Twin brothers Scott and Brett Smith have converted a 1940s riverside home here into this city's newest bed and breakfast inn."

Black Dolphin Inn Voted #2 US Alternative Accommodation in Trivago Awards 2017: The wait is over! I’m thrilled to finally be able to share that Black Dolphin Inn has placed #2 in the United States Alternative Accommodation category of the Trivago Awards 2017.

Bed and Breakfast Getaway Inns with Scenic Views:  "The inn boasts 14 exquisite rooms and suites, most of which overlook the tranquil bay. Vintage furniture, European-inspired bedding, and spa baths are just a taste of the decadence found at the Black Dolphin."

Escape to the Black Dolphin Inn, New Smyrna Beach: "Hop in the car and hit the highway headed northeast from Orlando to New Smyrna Beach where a gem of a bed and breakfast awaits only 60 minutes away."

Places with Southern Graces: "It's a thrill to see the dolphins playing in the river whether you are sitting on the dock, the grand front porch or your own balcony."

Lighting design article on the Black Dolphin Inn: "Guests aren't the only ones who appreciate the Black Dolphin Inn...this 14-room boutique hotel is one of only three AAA Four Diamond Award properties in a state bursting with visitor accommodations."

Ten of the Most Charming Bed & Breakfasts in Florida -  "Truly an oasis, this quaint Spanish-Isle bed and breakfast is located in the heart of New Smyrna’s historic downtown and has consistently been ranked one of the best in Florida."

Yahoo Meet our Guest 'Grammer of the Week - @GilledCheeseSocial - "MacKenzie Smith is the Executive Chef at the Black Dolphin Inn and the Blogger behind Grilled Cheese Social."

Historic Florida Inns and B&Bs - "My enjoyment began even before I spied the Inn, when I turned onto Riverside Drive, a road along the Indian River lined with fine old homes, with a sidewalk ideal for walking and biking, and boats moored at each dock."

12 Florida Resorts to Visit Before You Die
- "The Black Dolphin Inn is a charming boutique property offering unique bed and breakfast accommodation and a fabulous range of marine activities, in a welcoming atmosphere."

25 Best Florida Beach Resorts & Vacations for Couples - "Tucked away in a quiet New Smyrna Beach neighborhood just minutes from the beach, Black Dolphin Inn is an elegant and intimate Spanish-Isle inspired historic estate that offers discerning guests an exclusive escape from the city."

The Daily Catch - "This breakfast menu from New Smyrna Beach, Florida, will make you way hungry."

10 of the Best Florida Honeymoon Resorts – “Black Dolphin Inn is a historic guesthouse that is consistently ranked one of the best B&B’s in the state.”

Four Magazine – “Best Independent Inns & Hotels to Stay in Florida”
 - "This Spanish Isle inspired historic waterfront estate features 14 luxurious guest rooms and suites perfect for a romantic getaway, weekend vacation or honeymoon.   Guests come to explore New Smyrna Beach for the arts, beaches, great parks, nautical surroundings, and the food scene where it is all local and authentic."

BobVila.com – “Island Living: 20 Tropical B&Bs That Are Only an Airplane Away” - "...guests experience the beauty of New Smyrna Beach from the comfort of one of 14 unique rooms. Decorated in styles that vary from midcentury modern to Hollywood regency..."

Parents Magazine: 4 Low-Key Florida Vacation Spots for Families -
"Fishing poles, bicycles, and beach chairs are complimentary, but the ridiculously scrumptious weekday breakfast is what sets the place apart."

Travel Pulse: 5 Reasons To Head To New Smyrna Beach When Visiting Orlando - "Enjoying a glass of wine on their dock, watching dolphin frolic in the river or spotting a lazy manatee, you might never want to leave."

Film & Video Production – Featuring the Black Dolphin Inn 

Facebook Live Episode for Food Network: Florida Foodie Road Trip – Tallahassee, FL - Black Dolphin Inn's own executive chef, MacKenzie Smith, in one of her episodes produced for Food Network.

How to Do Florida episode from Crawford Entertainment – July, 2017. 30 minute segment on New Smyrna Beach – featuring extensive coverage of the Black Dolphin Inn.

Travel Channel - Unique sandwiches we'd cross the country for - Swamp Thing Sandwich, inspired by Chef MacKenzie's home state of Florida.

Coastal Living Magazine - The Daily Catch Facebook Live Video - "We hung out with MacKenzie Smith at the Black Dolphin Inn for a mouthwatering breakfast demo."

Grace:  Black Dolphin Inn was selected as the host property for first full length feature movie ever shot in New Smyrna Beach. Film production team and supporting actors and actresses resided at the Black Dolphin Inn – for an entire month.
Pit Bull And Paroles: Cast & crew stayed at the Black Dolphin Inn to shoot an episode for the Animal Planet as part of the grand opening of the Power Sports Store in NSB.

Real Food Real Kitchens: Season 2 (Episode 1) – 30 minute segment featuring Chef MacKenzie on Hulu.

CBS Orlando affiliate – Local 6 WPMG - George Clooney & Tim McGraw story at the Black Dolphin Inn.

Destination Accolades - Featuring New Smyrna Beach

National Geographic named New Smyrna Beach as of the world’s Top 20 Surf Towns  for 2012.

Travel & Leisure Magazine, a national travel publication with a circulation of nearly 1 million people – included New Smyrna Beach in its top 15 list of the “Worlds Coolest Surf Towns” The magazine published its rankings in its November 2013 issue.

Dr. Stephen Leatherman (AKA “Dr. Beach) ranked New Smyrna Beach as one of the Top 10 Favorite Florida Beach Towns for those towns that best combine sand, surf, and a welcoming sense of community.

Orlando Sun Sentinel readers have voted New Smyrna Beach as the “Best Beach” – in 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, and 2012, 2013, and 2014 in its Best Bets” competition.

Redfish Capital of the World – New Smyrna Beach has gained worldwide recognition for its unbeatable backwater fishing in the Indian River Lagoon along the East Central Florida Coast.

New Smyrna Beach has the distinction of being included in the book: America’s Top 100 Small Art Towns – authored by John Villani.

USA Today has ranked New Smyrna Beach as one of the  Top 10 Beach Destinations in the United States in 2013.

“Art Capital of the South” – New Smyrna Beach is home to the Atlantic Center for the Arts and is nationally recognized for its eclectic art scene.

SmarterTravel has included New Smyrna Beach in its list of Florida Top 10 Beach Towns (as of 02/14/2014).

Photo Downloads

For high resolution photo’s to be used by the press, please visit our Jumping Rocks Media Bank Photo Gallery for the Black Dolphin Inn . Use the password "dolphin" (lower case).

For media inquiries for our New Smyrna Beach boutique inn, please contact:

Brett P. Smith 
Owner/General Manager
[email protected] 



Jillian and Wanyett - October, 2016
Thank you so much for taking such great care of my parents while they enjoyed their time off at your facility. They truly had a wonderful stay and are already referring their friends."

Claire and Walter - September, 2016
"Being in the common area of the Black Dolphin Inn, one feels like royalty. You have done a magnificent job and your passion for aesthetics, family and community shine through just sitting on the sofa. More fantasy, not business!"

Michael and Linda - September, 2016

"What a memorable trip! Such a great location to enjoy the river, whether we were fishing, kayaking, or just relaxing on the balcony or dock and observing nature. MacKenzie's breakfasts were delicious and it was a nice treat to have snacks and refreshing drinks available throughout the day. Beer on tap - bonus! Your whole family is so friendly and welcoming we felt right at home (except we didn't have to lift a finger for anything!). You've created a great atmosphere at a beautiful property. Thanks for the wonderful experience, we'll be back!"

Jamie and Ken - September, 2016
"Thank you so much for taking such good care of us on our 37th anniversary! Our room was beautiful including our deck overlooking the courtyard. Extra special thanks for the champagne! What a nice touch. Breakfast was fabulous. We may have to make this a new annual tradition!"

Susan and Jim - March, 2016
"We can’t thank you enough for the getaway days we had at your magnificent Black Dolphin inn. From the moment we arrived, you and your staff were accommodating above and beyond our expectations. We are so grateful for the kind upgrade to the suite and the extra parking for our trailer and motorcycle. It is a rare treat for us to escape our business and family responsibilities and we could not pick a better place to disappear! We were particularly touched by the magical charisma of you and all who work at the inn. We hope to become regular visitors and look forward to our next escape."

Jean and Jon - September, 2015
"Jon & I want to extend our most sincere thanks for your warm hospitality that was shown to our family and friends during our 60th anniversary weekend. Everyone was so comfortable in your B&B and the dinner Friday night and the breakfast each day were incredibly delicious… the best shrimp and grits that I have ever tasted! Thank you so much for helping to make our celebration absolutely PERFECT!"

The Other Smith Family - August, 2015
"Just to let you know how much we appreciated your great hospitality. It was a great send-off for Sean. You have set a new standard for B&B’s in NSB. Great architecture and design – not to mention great cuisine."

Debbi, Davey, Ashley & Billy - April, 2015
"Thank you so much for a wonderful stay in New Smyrna. The Black Dolphin Inn was “amazing” and we will be back! Also, I will send clients to your beautiful hotel as well. Thanks for everything,"

Mary & Ed - February, 2015
"A huge thank you for a delightful stay in New Smyrna Beach. Beautiful accommodations (with the added joy of watching dolphins from our patio!) and delicious breakfast! Best of all was your gracious, welcoming spirit and the terrific travel tips. Black Dolphin Inn is the best!"

Laura & Nico - February, 2015
"Greetings from California! We wanted to send a note to again say thank you for your lovely and warm hosting during our visit in late January for the 24 Hours of Daytona where Nico raced. The Black Dolphin Inn was our perfect haven for the race weekend. We look forward to a return visit. Sending lots of cheers and thanks."

Consuelo - January, 2015
"I just wanted to drop a note to say thank you for treating us like queens at a ball. This stay was truly the highlight of our trip. It was just fantastic. Your place is beautiful, the rooms were top of the line, and the accommodations and service that you provided for us were just phenomenal. What talent and taste you have - congratulations. All the best for the future and again thank you so much."

Debra D. - October, 2014
"It was a pleasure to talk to you tonight. I just made my reservation with you 2 nights - starting on 10/19. I have to say that I was very impressed with your service and the pleasant way you handled the reservation. I am looking forward to staying at your Inn even more now. I feel I made the right choice. Looking forward to a very pleasant stay. P.S. Since I am in the people business, I really pay attention to how customers/clients are treated. So far you have a "10". I like to let people know when it is right."

Chris & Heather - September, 2014
"Please accept this admittedly tardy but very sincere note of gratitude for a wonderful stay at the Black Dolphin last weekend. Heather and I had a wonderful time. The Inn is amazing, the room was perfect, the service was wonderful, and the food was incredible. The only negative is having to leave! It was nice to have the opportunity to spend some time with all of you, Uncle Joe and other members of your staff. Thanks again for your conscientiousness and attention to detail (not to mention the spare fishing pole). We look forward to our next visit to New Smyrna. There's no question where we'll stay..."

Debbie S. - September, 2014
"I wanted to thank you and your family and staff for a wonderful stay at your B&B. My sister and l really enjoyed our visit and getting to know all of you. I have told so many people about your place. It was wonderful!"

Linda - October, 2013
"To the wonderful people at The Black Dolphin, I can never thank you enough for the beautiful and elegant afternoon Tea that you did for me on October 2nd. The beauty and hospitality of all of you exceeded my expectations. Many compliments also for Chef Joe who did a phenomenal job on the food."

Traci & John - September 2013
"I want to say Thank You for a great anniversary stay. We really enjoyed it. The inn was beautiful and the breakfast was exceptional."

Sharon - May, 2013
"Thank you for your warm welcome, stylish sensibilities, sassy Southern charm and sumptuous sleep – that have been but a few of the Black Dolphin Inn “gifts”. My stay here made my experience of Central Florida rival many destinations and your friendship is an added bonus. I will be back!!!"

Debbi and Anthony - May, 2013
"It’s hard to believe that after just 2 months of operation, that the Black Dolphin Inn has been ranked as one of the Top 10 B&B’s and Guest Houses in the state of Florida. Congrats to you and your team for such an outstanding accomplishment. While you have created a truly marvelous boutique inn, it is the warmth, hospitality and family atmosphere that feels so genuine – where everyone was so helpful and caring in anticipating our every need that we appreciated the most.  Also, there is so much to do and see in close proximity to the Black Dolphin Inn that makes a future visit so appealing to us later this year. Again, it is hard to believe that you guys have only been open for a couple of months – I would have sworn that it was closer to a couple of years!"

Johnson - May, 2013
"I would like to thank you and your staff for the gracious hospitality that was extended to me during my recent stay at the Black Dolphin Inn. My travels over the years have allowed me to stay at some of the finest hotels in the world. Your property speaks for itself, and your staff seems to genuinely enjoy attending to your guest’s needs with a great sense of professionalism. I believe that this attitude of service starts with the culture of the ownership group and is a great reflection on your leadership. Should your travels ever bring you to the Palm Beach area, please do not hesitate to contact me personally as we would welcome the opportunity to see you again."

Debbie and John - April, 2013
"We just returned home to New York and had to take a moment to reflect upon our visit to the Black Dolphin Inn. You guys not only know how to make everyone feel welcome but you do it in such a way that we felt more like family than hotel guests. We literally had tears in our eyes when we left! Taylor is a real treasure and was so kind and helpful in getting us acclimated to the area. Chef Joe and Sheila did an outstanding job with our morning breakfast and really know how to turn on that Southern hospitality. Our room was immaculate and very clean. We loved the mid-century furniture and the tasteful ambiance of the accommodation. But most importantly, it’s not the brick and mortar – but the quality of the service that we will remember the most. We leave with many fond memories of the Black Dolphin Inn and can’t wait to come back next year."


Frequently Asked Questions

Is a Deposit required at the time of reservation?
Yes, an advance payment of the first night's stay - plus applicable state and local bed taxes equivalent to 12.5% of the room rate is required to confirm your reservation. Vacation package reservations require a deposit equivalent to 50% of the total room and package amenities - plus applicable state and local bed taxes.

What is your Cancellation Policy?
Cancellations must be initiated at least 5 days prior to 3:00 pm of the day of arrival for a full refund - less a $25 processing and handling fee. Guests who do not cancel within this time frame, will forfeit their entire deposit - unless the room can be re-rented for all nights reserved.

Do you have a toll-free number?

Yes, for The Black Dolphin room reservations and all other inquiries– please call 1-855-410-4868.

How do I get directions to the Inn?
Please click here for directions 

What time is check-in?
Check–in is anytime after 3:00 pm on your confirmed arrival date. Please let us know if you plan to arrive prior to our scheduled check-in time and we will make every effort to accommodate your request – but can make no guarantees due to limited unit types and the dynamics of guest arrival and departure patterns.

What time is check-out?
All guests must check-out by 11:00 am on their morning of departure. Late check-outs require a prior arrangement, or after 12 noon – a $50.00 late fee will be applied to your bill unless arranged otherwise with the front desk

Do you have an early Departure Fee?
Once you check-in, your departure date can not be changed without our guests incurring a charge equivalent to the nightly room rate for the length of their stay – plus applicable taxes.

What identification is required to complete the registration process at check-in?
We do require the presentation of a valid government issued identification – such as a driver’s license, passport, or military ID.

Is there an age minimum for check-in?
You must be 21 years of age or older to check-in to our Inn and must present a valid photo ID and major credit card. If you are under 21 years of age, you will be prohibited from drinking any alcoholic beverage while on the premises of our Inn – including any complimentary alcohol that is offered at our selected wine tastings.

What is the maximum number of occupants in your different unit types?
Standard occupancy is 1-2 persons per unit - with the exception of our Courtyard View units (2 Kings) and our one-bedroom Bay View suites (King/QSS) in which the maximum occupancy is 4 guests.  Additional charges of $35 per person will apply and includes breakfast each morning.

Do you have non-smoking rooms?
Our B&B is a smoke-free establishment, with designated outdoor smoking areas. Smoking in specified non-smoking areas is subject to a minimum $250 cleaning recovery fee.

Do you have ADA rooms?
Yes, the Black Dolphin Inn is an ADA compliant facility and we do feature an ADA first floor guest accommodation – adjacent to the Lobby area.. If you have any special requests, please let us know at the time of booking your reservation so that we can make your stay more comfortable.

May I request a specific room or location?
While we make every effort to honor a guest request for a specific unit number or location, we reserve the right to provide an alternate room number assignment in which there are multiple guest accommodations within a specific unit type category.

Do you have a fire suppression system at your Inn?
Yes, the Black Dolphin Inn is equipped with a fire suppression system and in-room smoke detectors – along with emergency evacuation plans in all rooms.

Do you have connecting rooms?
Of the 14 guest rooms and suites accommodations that we offer – only 2 rooms are connecting. Specifically, they would include 2 of our Deluxe Bay View units on the second floor level. These two units have a community balcony on the south side of each guest room accommodation and a private balcony with angled water views overlooking the Indian River on the north side of the guest rooms. 

Do you have on-site parking?
The Black Dolphin Inn has on-site parking available for all registered guests - on a complimentary basis.  

Do you allow any type of recreational trailers at The Black Dolphin Inn?
As a precondition of our Business license, trailers cannot be parked on our premises.Boat, jet ski, and motorcycle trailers can be be parked off-site at a designated parking lot within several blocks of the Inn . Sorry, no recreational vehicles are allowed to be parked at any of our on-site or off-site designated parking areas – due to space limitations.

Where is the nearest airport(s)?
Please click here for information regarding airports and proximity to New Smyrna Beach

What local restaurants do you recommend?
The highest rated restaurants, based on customer feedback – are as follows:
Italian Restaurants: The Garlic, That’s Amore Pizzeria & Ristorante, Panheads Pizzeria
Seafood Restaurants: JB’s Fish Camp, Off the Hook Raw Bar,  Oceans, Boston’s Fish House, Blackbeard’s Inn
Ethnic Restaurants: Spanish River Grill, AA Garden Fusion, Cafe Verde, El Patron Mexican Restaurant, Thai Mango
Surf/Casual Dining: Outrigger's Tiki Bar & Grill, Surf Taco, 3rd Wave, The Breakers
Sports Bars: Merk's Bar & Grill, McKenna's Place, Lost Lagoon Wings & Grill, Half Wall
Deli: Manzano's Beachside Deli, The Local Butcher
Sushi: Sasaki Sushi, Yumi Sushi
Continental/Other: Norwood’s Restaurant, SoNapa Grille, New Smyrna Beach Steakhouse, Atlantis Bistro, Baker's Table, Corkscrew

Can you fish from your Inn?
UPDATE: Due to hurricane damage, the dock is closed, waiting on permits needed to complete repairs.
 Guests are welcome to fish off of our private dock, with use of our complimentary fishing poles. Any child under 16 years of age will not require a fishing license. Guests 16 and older must obtain a fishing license that can be purchased on-line at www.myfwc.com.  Senior citizens over the age of 65 are not required to purchase a fishing license.

What are the age restrictions for the use of your paddle-boards, day-sailors, kayaks and canoes and other water related recreational equipment (coming soon)?
Our guests must be a minimum of 16 years of age to operate our non-motorized water equipment.

Is boat dockage available?
UPDATE: Due to hurricane damage, the dock is closed, waiting on permits needed to complete repairs.
We offer limited dockage for boats that are 20 feet and under -- with a maximum draft of 24”. Advance arrangements are required prior to docking by calling 855-410-4868. Dockage is complimentary.

Are barbecue grills allowed on the property?
No portable barbecue grills or any similar product type are allowed on the premises – including the exterior unit balconies, porches, decks and patios.

Is there a charge for dog(s) to stay at the Inn?
The Black Dolphin Inn does allow pets in designated first floor units which include the Courtyard View Units and one of our Bay View Suites (certain restrictions apply). We do require advance notice if you are planning to bring your dog to the Inn.  An additional fee of $50, plus tax will be added to your account.

Does The Black Dolphin Inn charge a Daily Resort Fee?
No, we do not ascribe to the practice of burdening our guests with an array of nuisance charges.

Do you have high speed / WiFi internet access at your Inn?
Yes, wireless access is available in all guest rooms, suites and common areas on a complimentary basis.

What services are included in the daily room rate?
The Black Dolphin Inn provides a number of value added services, on a complimentary basis – including on-site parking, three breakfast choices each morning, daily beverage and snack offerings, internet high speed services and WIFI service, in-room safes, Premium television package and free domestic and local phone calls.

When will my room be serviced?
Housekeeping services the room between 9:00 am and 2:00 pm. Should you wish to have your room services at a specific time, it would be our pleasure to accommodate your request.

What forms of payment are accepted to pay for my room and other incidental charges?
We accept most major credit cards including Visa, Master Card, Discover and American Express. When you check in, we will ask for your authorization to proceed with the payment of your outstanding balance - net of your advance deposit.  If the credit cardholder will not be the actual guest or will not be here in person to sign for the charges, then a Credit Card Authorization Form must be filled out, signed, and faxed to the Black Dolphin Inn at 386-410-4899 at least 48 hours prior to the guest’s arrival. Contact us at 855-410-4868 to obtain a copy of the Credit Card Authorization Form by fax or email.

Do you have in-room safes?
Yes, we have in-room safes that are large enough to accommodate a standard size lap-top computer.

What is your check cashing policy?
Check cashing services are permitted to registered guests with photo ID (Drivers license and or passport) and major credit card. There is a limit of $50.00 per day or a maximum of $200.00 for the duration of your visit

What is your gift certificate policy?
To purchase or redeem a gift certificate, please contact our Inn directly at 855-410-4868.


Black Dolphin Inn Room Policies

Reservation Policy:
Room reservations must be guaranteed with a credit card.

Credit Cards:

The Black Dolphin Inn accepts all major credit cards.

Room Deposit Policy:
First night's room and tax deposit required. Special events, holidays, and long-term reservations exceeding 5 nights require a deposit equivalent to the first 2 night's room & tax. The remaining balance for your stay will be charged upon arrival.  

Deposit Forfeiture Policy: The Black Dolphin Inn is not responsible for weather conditions, personal emergencies, schedule changes. All room reservations must be cancelled, rescheduled, or amended by 3 p.m. EST - at least 5 days prior to guest's confirmed arrival date, or the room deposit will be forfeited in a sum equal to the first night's room and tax. Special Events, Holidays or Long Term Stays exceeding 5 nights will result in the forfeiture of the first two nights of room and tax.

Gift Cards:
The Black Dolphin Inn accepts gift certificate cards from Select Registry – up to a maximum amount of $1,000.00 per stay. All gift certificate redemptions, including the Black Dolphin Inn Gift Certificates, must be disclosed at the time of reservation. 

Room Cancellation Policy:
All room cancellations that occur 5 days or more prior to the guest's confirmed arrival date - will be charged a fee of $25 to cover merchant service fees and administrative costs.

Early Check-out Policy:
Upon arrival and check-in at the Black Dolphin Inn, you are responsible for the entire length of your stay. No refunds will be issued for any room nights reserved but not consumed. 

Check-in and Check-out: 
Check In: After 3:00 pm. Early check-in times cannot be guaranteed - but every effort will be made to accommodate your request. Check Out: Before 11:00 am. If a late check-out is requested, there may be an additional fee.

Office Hours – Late Check-ins:  
The Black Dolphin Inn Office Hours extend from 8:00 am to 9:00 pm daily. Any late arrivals after 9:00 pm at night must be coordinated through our Front Office by calling 386-410-4868.

Occupancy Policy:
Room rates are based on single/double occupancy. For the Courtyard View and Bay View Suites that can accommodate more than 2 guests, an additional fee of $35.00 per room per night will apply for each additional guest up to a maximum of 4 guests in the unit.  No cots or rollaway’s are available due to zoning regulations. Family Plan - There is no additional charge for children under 12 years old - up to a maximum of 2 children per unit.

On-site guest parking is limited to one vehicle for our hotel rooms, and a maximum of two vehicles for guests occupying our one bedroom suites. Public street parking is available for additional vehicles on the north side of 2nd Avenue. Please do not encroach on the sidewalk as this may result in a parking citation administered by the city of New Smyrna Beach. Parking on the south side of 2nd Avenue is prohibited and may result in the towing of your vehicle. 

Special Request Room Policy:
A room deposit only guarantees the room type - not a specific room number. While we will make every effort to honor a guest request for a specific unit number or location, we reserve the right to provide an alternate room number assignment in which there are multiple guest accommodations within a specific unit type category.

Minimum Stay Controls: 
2 night minimum stay controls are applicable on most Friday and Saturday nights. Minimum night stays will vary from 3 to 5 nights for special events and holidays.

Smoking Policy:
No smoking or vaping is allowed in any of our guest units or interior common elements of our property. Violation of the Smoking or Pet Policy will result in a minimum $250 cleaning fee and guests will be asked to leave the property and will be responsible for the payment of their entire stay in full.

Pet Policy:
We are a pet friendly Inn. The Black Dolphin Inn does allow pets in designated first floor units - subject to written approval via guest confirmation letter. (certain restrictions apply) A non-refundable $50.00 charge will apply. Guests found in violation of our pet policy will be charged a minimum $250 cleaning fee and will be asked to leave the property and will be responsible for payment of their entire stay in full.

On-Site Photography: 
All professional photography must be approved in writing by the Black Dolphin Inn, at a minimum fee of $500 for the first hour. To inquire or schedule a photo shoot at the Black Dolphin - please call 386-410-4868 or email us at [email protected]

Facility Usage:
The Black Dolphin Inn parking, dockage, Tesla charging station, Fire pit feature, and related Food & Beverage amenities such as the Lobby Beverage Refreshment Center are for the exclusive use of our registered hotel guests.

Travel Agents:
Room rates are non-commissionable to travel agents.

Services and Amenities Disclaimer: 
Services and amenities may not be available due to unforeseen circumstances from weather, weather damage, and public health and safety issues.


Black Dolphin Inn Privacy Policy:

The Black Dolphin Inn is proud of our commitment to our treasured customers. We are pleased to provide a privacy policy about our web site.
Website Accessibility Statement:

The Black Dolphin Inn is committed to facilitating the accessibility and usability of its website for all of its visitors with disabilities. The Black Dolphin Inn will be implementing; in various phases, the relevant portions or other standards to the extent required by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) if applicable. Please be advised that our efforts are ongoing and if, at any time you have questions or concerns about accessibility, please e-mail us at [email protected].

Use of Personal Financial and Credit Card Information:

Please be assured the Black Dolphin Inn uses its best efforts to protect the privacy of its online visitors. The Black Dolphin Inn gathers personally identifiable data, such as first and last name, address, and e-mail addresses when voluntarily submitted by a web site visitor. For example, personally identifiable information may be collected in order to respond to a request for information concerning licensed resort dwelling. This information is used solely by The Black Dolphin Inn or other entities that provide technical or operations services to the Black Dolphin Inn for internal purposes or to fulfill your reservation request. The Black Dolphin Inn does not send unsolicited e-mail.

Links to Other Sites:

The Black Dolphin Inn may be linked to other sites. If you visit one of these linked sites, you should review their privacy policy and other policies. We are not responsible for the policies of other companies.


From time to time, it may be necessary for The Black Dolphin Inn to change this privacy policy, so we suggest you visit here periodically. Rest assured that any changes will not be retroactively applied and will not alter how we handle previously collected information. We are dedicated to building trust, confidence and privacy assurance through periodic site reviews and privacy guidelines.

As always, we welcome the comments of any of our guests to help make your stay at the Black Dolphin Inn as pleasant as possible.

Government Regulations:

The Black Dolphin Inn reserves the right to use or disclose any information as needed to satisfy any law, regulation or legal request, to protect the integrity of the site, to fulfill your requests, or to cooperate in any law enforcement investigation or an investigation on a matter of public safety.



The Black Dolphin Inn is located at 916 S Riverside Drive – within the New Smyrna Beach Historic District. Easily accessible via air transportation:

2 miles south of AirGate Aviation
15 miles south of the Daytona International Airport
35 mile east of the Sanford International Airport
65 miles east of the Orlando International Airport
70 miles south of the Jacksonville International Airport

New Smyrna Beach is easily accessible by car, as Interstate 95 passes less than 4 miles west of the Black Dolphin Inn and US Highway1 passes through the heart of the city.

As a value-added amenity for our guests, the Black Dolphin Inn has installed an electric vehicle charging station in partnership with the Tesla Destination Charging program. Electric vehicle users can now drive worry-free, knowing that a public network of charging stations is available to meet their needs. Our charging station is located at the northeast quadrant of the property – adjacent to our front entry circular driveway.

Driving Directions
From Palm Beach/Miami: 
Take I-95 North toward Daytona Beach. Take the SR44 exit (Exit 249) and head east toward the beaches of New Smyrna Beach. Approximately 4 miles – turn right at Live Oak St (at the traffic light just before the South Causeway Bridge). Heading south, take the 3rd left onto Smith Street and then turn right onto S Riverside Drive. The Black Dolphin Inn is located at 916 S Riverside Dr on the right side of the street.

From Jacksonville:
Take I-95 South toward Daytona Beach. Take the SR44 exit (Exit 249) and head east toward the beaches of New Smyrna Beach. Approximately4 miles – turn right at Live Oak St (at the traffic light just before the South Causeway Bridge). Heading south, take the 3rd left onto Smith Street and turn right onto S Riverside Dr. The Black Dolphin Inn is located at 916 S Riverside Dr on the right side of the street.

From Orlando:
Take I-4 and head east from Orlando. Merge onto SR 44E via 118A toward New Smyrna Beach. Travel approximately 19.6 miles and turn right onto Live Oak Street (at the traffic light just before the South Causeway Bridge). Heading south, take the 3rd left and head onto Smith Street and turn right onto S Riverside Dr. The Black Dolphin Inn is located at 916 S Riverside Dr on the right side of the street.

Inn phone: 386 410-4868


Local Destinations

The Black Dolphin Inn is ideally located in close proximity to a number of local and regional attractions - which are as follows:

Less than 15 Miles from the Black Dolphin Inn

Atlantic Ocean - New Smyrna Beach: 2 miles/4 minutes

I-95 Interstate Highway – Exit # 49: 4 miles/6 minutes

Canaveral National Seashore Park: 14 miles/18 minutes

Less than 30 Miles from the Black Dolphin Inn

Daytona International Speedway: 16.25 miles/19 minutes

Merritt Island Wildlife Refuge 16.9 miles/21 minutes

Ponce de Leon Inlet Lighthouse: 17 miles/26 minutes

Daytona Beach International Airport: 21 miles/26 minutes

Blue Springs State Park: 30 miles/40 minutes

Less than 60 miles from the Black Dolphin Inn

Orlando Sanford International Airport: 33.2 miles/40 minutes

Winter Park Central Park Shopping District: 53.46 miles/59 minutes

Port Canaveral Cruise Terminal: 55.3 miles/1 hour

Downtown Orlando- Church Street Station/Amway Center: 55.3 miles/1 hour & 10 minutes

Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex:  56 miles/1 hour

Less than 75 miles from the Black Dolphin Inn

Mall At Millenia: 61 miles/ 1 hour/15 minutes

Ron Jon Surf Shop: Cocoa Beach: 62.65 miles/1 hour & 5 minutes

Universal Studios – Orlando: 63.65 miles 1 hour/15 minutes

Sea World – Orlando: 69 miles/1 hour/20 minutes

St Augustine Historic District (Castillo de San Marcos): 71.1 miles/1 hour/15 minutes

Orlando International Airport (MCO):  72 miles/1 hour – 10 minutes

Walt Disney World - Orlando: 75 miles 1 hour/30 minutes 

(Traffic may affect projected arrival times)



The Black Dolphin Inn fully embraces its responsibility as an environmental steward. We are thoroughly committed to reducing our environmental footprint by actively participating in standards that are in harmony with the earth’s resources.

+ Energy & Water Conservation

  • Extensive use of Icynene spray foam insulation throughout the premises
  • Installation of Rinnai tank less water heater systems
  • Hurd impact glass windows and doors – with tinted laminated glass
  • Water conserving toilets that only consume 1.28 GPF
  • High efficiency lighting in guest rooms and public areas
  • Use of dimmable lights, motion sensors and timers in low traffic areas
  • Application of window film to reduce energy loss and solar heat emissions
  • Smart irrigation practices – deep-water well/recyclable water
  • Use of energy efficient commercial kitchen equipment
  • Regular maintenance performed on HVAC systems
  • Use of LED exit signs throughout the premises

+ Green in Your Guest room

  • Daikin Smart energy HVAC systems – with remote occupancy sensors
  • Organic cotton sheets and towels
  • Vessel sink faucets are low flow at 1.5 GPM
  • Eco-friendly botanical amenities (never tested on animals)
  • Recycled toilet paper and facial tissue
  • Facility smoke-free environment
  • Extensive use of ceiling fans to promote air circulation and reduce the need for air-conditioning

+ Home Office Material Usage

  • Hotel collateral material is printed on post-consumer recycled paper.
  • Paper expense and statistical reports have been eliminated – with most accessible online
  • Use of office product vendors who are recognized in the industry for ecological standards
  • Use of energy efficient office equipment
  • Used paper is recirculated for internal note taking

+ Waste Minimization

  • Recycling of plastic materials
  • Purchase of concentrated cleaning and laundry supplies in bulk
  • Donation of used linens, terry, and soap amenity products to local charities
  • Environmentally preferred vendors and products
  • Elimination of Styrofoam packaging


Gift Certificate Request

Black Dolphin Inn
916 S Riverside Drive New Smyrna Beach, FL 32168
855 410-4868 Toll-free
[email protected]
Phone: 386 410-4868  Fax: 386 410-4899